PDB Selected residue Results
1ELW 77 Show
1H6W 104 Show
1N7F 19 Show
1NVR 19 Show
1TW6 54 Show
1UOP 595 Show
2B6N 222 Show
2B9H 148 Show
2V3S 21 Show
2XFX 155 Show
3LNY 22 Show
3MMG 172 Show
3NJG 92 Show
3VQG 19 Show
4DS1 61 Show
4NNM 25 Show
4Q6H 20 Show
4QBR 74 Show
3NFK 19 Show
3BFW 13 Show
3GQ1 22 Show
2OY2 75 Show
3BS4 181 Show
2OXW 76 Show
3CH8 30 Show
1NTV 136 Show
3BRL 83 Show
1N12 73 Show
3D1E 175 Show
3OBQ 64 Show
2W0Z 50 Show
2W10 51 Show
4V3I 98 Show
1SVZ 164 Show
2QAB 54 Show
3IDG 94 Show
3JZO 70 Show
3UPV 77 Show
4DGY 108 Show
4J8S 25 Show
4N7H 18 Show
4WLB 69 Show
1OU8 49 Show
2HPL 27 Show
2O02 49 Show
3Q47 73 Show
4EIK 36 Show
3DS1 64 Show
Server for the prediction of protein binding peptides given a target protein structure and an approximate definition of the binding site.

Output examples can be seen by clicking here: FimG HCV NS3 holo HCV NS3 apo LEADS-PEP benchmark

Terms of use: The webserver is free for use.

e.g. 3BFQ
case sensitive, e.g. G (or blank for all chains)
  e.g. 24:G,25:G,26:G,27:G,28:G,132:G,133:G,134:G,135:G,136:G
  e.g. 25:G
 optional, you will receive the link to results by e-mail and notification when the job is finished
When you publish or report results using PepComposer, please cite the following reference:
Obarska-Kosinska A, Iacoangeli A, Lepore R, and Tramontano A. PepComposer: computational design of peptides binding to a given protein surface. Nucleic Acids Research 2016 Jul 8;44(W1):W522-8
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PepComposer makes use of the following libraries and softwares: